About Us

We Offer Large to Small Business Promotional Video Creation & Production Services, Website Video and YouTube Marketing for Business, and Professional Business Photography Services. Helping Your Business Get More Business Is Our Business! We Put Your Ideas In Motion!

We are a Perth, Western Australia Based Creative Media Company with the vision to deliver First Class Promotional Visual Media that doesn’t cost “an arm and a leg”.

We Offer:

I. Large to Small Business Promotional Video Creation & Production Services
Professional Film Production Services, Large to Small Business Promotional Video Production, Live Action, YouTube, Webmercials and Animated Videos, Promotional, Corporate, Real Estate and Event Videography, Motion Graphics, TV and Commercial Videos, Documentary, Product, How To, Training & Instructional Videos, Band & Music Videos.

II. Website Video and YouTube Marketing for Business
Brand & Website Development, Viral Video Marketing, Video Meta SEO, Web 2.0 Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Online Promotion Optimization, Website SEO Services.

III. Photography Services
Commercial Photography, Corporate Photography, Advertising Photography, Event Photography, Real Estate Photography, Product Photography, Corporate Headshots, Executive Headshots, Actor Headshots, Professional Business Photos, Images for Advertising, Advertising Stock Photos, Royalty Free Images for Print Advertising.


Linda Hewell

Creative Media Services is a Husband and Wife team comprised of John and Linda Hewell. Linda Hewell has spent the last 12 years working as a Professional Photographer, and has owned and operated her own Commercial Photography Studio for many years. In 2015 she completed her Bachelor of Film Degree with the view of taking her knowledge and experience of still format photography to creating moving pictures and film.


John Hewell

John Hewell has spent the last 15 years in sales, marketing and business support roles. He has also owned and managed a variety of small businesses from retail to hospitality to financial services. He brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in advertising, marketing and sales. He knows how to connect a business’s product, service or brand with the consumer, and how to interpret a vision, idea or message into a creative media that forms pillars of an effective marketing campaign.

This collaboration has been an evolving passion of ours, and we are very excited to be able to turn our strengths and skills into a business that can offer the kind of support we can offer to fellow businesses. As mentioned previously, we both have owned and operated our own businesses, so we can understand and appreciate what is important to your business. We are also proudly supported by the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, an Australian Government Initiative.

We sincerely hope we get the chance to work with you in the future, and are able to show you how our business is all about helping your business! 🙂

Best Regards,

John & Linda Hewell